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Embark on a journey with Dr. Wigand as he seeks to dispel myths and shed light on the truth about hearing loss. This exploration will introduce you to individuals from various walks of life, sharing their personal experiences with hearing loss, alongside insights from family, friends, and experts. The series promises to cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of hearing anatomy and evaluations to the complexities of psychological impacts, treatment options, and the essential nature of aural rehabilitation.

Dr. Wigand, through his professional and personal experiences, emphasizes the need for ongoing dialogue to enhance hearing healthcare awareness and its critical role in public health.

Dr. Jason Wigand, AuD, is the driving force behind LifeAloud, LLC. His career is marked by extensive experience across various settings, including private practices and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Wigand has also contributed significantly to the academic realm, enriching graduate programs in communication sciences and disorders with his expertise. His dedication to the field is further evidenced by his involvement with numerous professional audiology associations, where he serves on several boards.


Dr. Wigand's academic pursuits began with his undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky, culminating in a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree from The Ohio State University. His personal journey through late-onset hearing loss and subsequent adaptation to bilateral cochlear implants lends him a profound understanding and empathy towards those with hearing impairments. This personal connection inspires his commitment to supporting both adults and children with hearing challenges, alongside their families, by offering education and guidance.

Moreover, Dr. Wigand is actively engaged in research and collaborative initiatives aimed at propelling the audiology profession forward. He is a staunch advocate for audiologists being the primary care providers for individuals experiencing hearing and balance issues, highlighting the importance of comprehensive care in this field.

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