Meet the Team


Jason Wigand, Au.D., CCC-A

Owner, Board Certified in Audiology


Michele Kocent

Hearing Instrument Specialist, HAS-0661

Kara Shores

Kara Shores

Practice Administrator


Heather Reamy

Patient Care Coordinator


Nicole Shaw

Insurance Administrative Specialist


Victoria Price, B.S.

Audiology Extern


Leslie Armstrong, B.S.

Practice Liaison

Dr. Jason Wigand's Story

A Personal Journey

Dr. Wigand's personal journey with hearing loss began in 1994, during his sophomore year in college. He had aspirations of joining the Army ROTC, but a hearing test revealed moderate hearing loss due to an autoimmune disorder. Despite his musical background and seemingly normal social interactions, his hearing loss became a barrier to military service, leading to a medical discharge.

Read more about his inspiring journey and how it fueled a dedication to helping others overcome hearing challenges.


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